Lips meant to be kissed

I love wearing lipstick. I love the femininity it adds to my presence and the attention it draws to my lips - I enjoy turning heads. I like to look pretty. My pre-date routine loosely follows the same script, every single encounter. Primping has become a ritual and one I enjoy - every step, from choosing the perfect lingerie to taming my brunette mane, stirs excitement and anticipation in the base of my belly. I’m buzzing with electricity long before we exchange our first hello.

My personality is best described as free-spirited with a more-than-subtle hint of mischief. If the world is categorized by black and white then I prefer brush strokes of color; I choose experience, I chase sunsets, and I crave adventure. I am a hedonist to my core and deeply committed to pleasure - primping for you is an exercise with this freedom of expression.

First, I fill my house with music. If I’m feeling nostalgic I’ll queue up the record player - Otis Redding, Amy Winehouse, Ray Charles - my preferences change with my mood and my mood changes often. I find vinyl is the best soundtrack for bubble baths. I like to spoil my skin in hot water and over-priced bath bombs that leave my legs soft and my cheeks pink. I love the feeling of stepping into a fuzzy towel and shaking my foot until the suds fall from my leg to the disappearing water of the tub . I love the feeling of soft cotton on fresh skin. Sometimes I sink my entire body into the softness of the robe, curling into myself and sitting on the bathroom floor with only my eyes and toes exposed.

My makeup is always minimal. I darken my lashes to draw attention to my eyes, which are a unique and captivating shade of green. I know they’re the first thing you’ll see and a visual you’ll never forget. My cheeks are pink and plump, indicative of youth, and my lips a soft shade of red that says ‘playful’ not ‘provocative.’

My hair is long and riddled with unruly curls. It’s my thing, always has been. Thick, unpredictable, and not easily tamed. It’s an extension of my personality, sometimes even a persona of its own. I’m a natural brunette - chestnut with quiet hints of auburn - and I have two styles: wild or straight, each telling its own secret. Straight means I want to impress you with my mind; I’m prepared for an evening of intellectual conversation and playful banter. Curls, usually natural and always wild, mean I’m feeling adventurous and you should prepare to be charmed into submission by my robust personality.

I’m a pretty girl. I primp, just for you, because the excitement makes my skin tingle. Yet, it’s not the slope of my nose or the single dimple accenting my right cheek you’ll remember - it’s not the lingerie I select just for you, or the bounce of my feral, brunette curls tickling your nose with the subtle scent of vanilla. No, it’s not something you see that imprints my name into your memory. It’s how I make you feel - it’s the quick hit of life I impart in your heart. It’s the freedom I embody and my spirit you chase: it’s me, Kate.

Kate Kennedy