I possess a curious mind and appreciate this quality in others.

Do you have questions? I have answers.


Let’s seize every moment of our time together - that’s the point, right? I think the easiest solution is to simply tuck the donation inside a book or record (or envelope) and leave it within eyesight upon meeting. If we are in public I suggest a small gift bag, which you can discretely pass to me after we exchange hugs and hellos.

Your Place or Mine?


Well that depends! Which is closer? I am delighted to visit wherever you are most confident. When in Austin I would love to have you visit my private, cozy and cute apartment. When traveling I invite you to join me at my chic and discrete vacation rental.


I politely request a 25% deposit, payable via CashAPP or Venmo, for any encounter 3 hours or longer. We are human and as such life can get in the way - should you need to cancel your deposit is fully refundable up to 48 hours prior to our meeting time.

Do You Travel?

Yes! Where are we going? I would love to come visit your city and I’m sure you’re an excellent tour guide. I offer Fly-Me-To you packages starting at four hours, plus the cost of travel. I prefer to book my own airfare and ask for a 25% deposit once our dates are secure. After the details are discussed, our itinerary is in your hands! I am a very laid back female and can easily find fun in any situation - I’m open-minded and I love surprises.

Overnights & Extended Dates

Day dates? Yes! Slumber parties? YES! That said, I appreciate your understanding of my sleep schedule - I require 7-8 hours of peaceful zzz’s per night otherwise I’m a grump. Quality sleep is part of the foundation for overall health and I honor my body’s needs without compromise. On that note, I also appreciate your patience while I buzz through my morning routine. Even during travel I don’t skip a workout or opportunity to practice yoga; I only need two hours to myself after breakfast to elevate my heart rate and assemble myself for the day.

One other comment on extended dates - if we are off in a love affair over 24 hours I will need a few minutes to myself periodically to check messages and look in on my affairs at home (namely my Spaniel.) I promise my absence during said time will be fast and discrete - you won’t even notice my attention was elsewhere.