Hi. I'm Kate.

Welcome to my nook of the internet - I'm tickled you found me!

Where do I start...?

I'm a Yankee. I grew up miles away from Texas and found my way to Austin almost a decade ago. I spent most of my formative years in pointe shoes or with my nose nestled in a book. I love to learn and dedicated my 20s to chasing higher education - the fruit of which has secured me with two undergraduate degrees and one graduate degree.

(Complimenting my intelligence will get you everywhere with me!)

Beyond the books, I invest my time into yoga and writing. At home in Austin, I’m easily found daydreaming literary prose from libraries and coffee shops or frequenting my neighborhood studio. I’m an eager student and devout practitioner; I am hungry for knowledge and love meeting individuals who share my insatiable thirst for more.

More learning, more adventure, and more pleasure.


A true hedonist at heart, I crave carnal pleasure and affection in addition to intellectual stimulation. I believe eye contact is the most sincere way to actively listen and my favorite place to get lost is in conversation. I laugh easily and often, and I'm a sucker for witty banter. I’m also playful and affectionate by nature, and am often described as outgoing, free-spirited, and full of life.

I am the perfect girlfriend.


I believe love & respect come from within, as such, I take excellent care of my mind, my body, and my spirit. One of my favorite pleasures in meeting you is sharing that energetic spark which fuels my curiosity and zest for life -

let me light you up.

An attractive brunette with a devilish smile, I'm more than just another pretty girl; I'm smart, I'm ambitious, and I'm driven. My bright green eyes may captivate you - and my trim, feminine physique will certainly entice you - however, it's my heart and my mind you'll remember, and the way I make you feel you'll never forget.

If you prefer the company of intelligent, confident women then perhaps we should meet.

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